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G A R Prophet

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Breed: Angus
Registration Number: +16295688 (AMF-NHF)
Tattoo: 6128
Born: 08/15/2008
Pedigree:     B A R Ext Traveler 205
C R A Bextor 872 5205 608
    Cra Lady Jaye 608 498 S Easy

    S S Objective T510 0T26
G A R Objective 1885
    G A R 1407 New Design 2232
From: Gardiner Angus Ranch, KS, CAM Ranch and Ogeechee Angus, GA
Birth Weight (BW): 78
Birth Weight Ratio: ET
Weaning Weight (WW): 886
Weaning Weight Ratio: ET
Yearling Weight (YW): 1530
Yearling Weight Ratio: ET
Yearling Scrotal (SC): 38 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.2
Canada Eligible: Yes

  • At weaning or on the grid, Prophet delivers Profit!
  • Use to take advantage of powerful end-product premiums
  • One of the highest demand bulls in the breed—he offers wide-scale improvement
  • Daughters are feminine, high volume females bred for high production
  • Wow! Over 450 head show his BW at 99 and WW at 103, plus his %IMF ratio is 112 on 260 scans!

Prophet takes performance to new levels with an incredible birth to growth spread combined with plenty of end-product power. His dam is one of the thickest Objective daughters ever and mated to Bextor, created one of the most sought-after Angus bulls in the business. Prophet sires docile cattle that are born small and grow like crazy and they’re consistently high for marbling. Take advantage of genes that are proven to deliver premiums and profit in a period of all-time high beef prices. Prophet is an easy choice.


Angus Sire Summary EPDs as of 04/11/14
  CED BW WW YW RADG YH SC DOC CEM Milk Dt/Hd $EN CW Marb RE Fat U Grp/Pgny C Grp/Pgny $W $F $G $B
EPD 13 -.1 80 139 .17 .6 .22 31 13 34 17 -31.06 34 1.65 .76 .046 163/339 9/31 56.42 87.58 59.78 117.10
Acc .78 .89 .84 .77 .44 .84 .8 .72 .3 .37 9   .6 .66 .63 .62            
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