Baldridge Bronc

Breed: Angus
Registration Number: 18229425 [AMF-CAF-XF]
Tattoo: C010
Born: 01/06/2015
Pedigree:     EF Complement 8088
EF Commando 1366
    Riverbend Young Lucy W1470

    Styles Upgrade J59
Baldridge Isabel Y69
    Baldridge Isabel T935
From: Baldridge Bros., NE; Mile High Angus, CO, and Tuchsherer Angus, KS
Birth Weight (BW): 74
Birth Weight Ratio: ET
Weaning Weight (WW): 765
Weaning Weight Ratio: ET
Yearling Weight (YW): 1355
Yearling Weight Ratio: ET
Yearling Scrotal (SC): 37.5 cm
Yearling Frame: 5.6
Canada Eligible: Yes

  • One of the hottest young sires to enter A.I. this year
  • The top-selling bull of the record-setting 2016 Baldridge Brothers Bull Sale
  • Bronc is an expressive muscled, masculine young sire with a huge top and bold rib shape. He is level in design and has tremendous base width. Bronc exceeds his sire for frame size and he captures your attention from every angle
  • His dam is one of the most prolific donors in the Baldridge Brothers herd and she stems from the legendary Isabel cow family
  • This genomic and performance superstar ranks in the top tier of the Angus breed for CED, BW, WW, YW, RE, $W and $B when you combine data with desirable phenotype....Bronc stands alone
  • An easy-to-use sire that offers mating flexibility like no other

Angus Sire Summary EPDs as of 10/12/18
  CED BW WW YW RADG YH SC DOC HP CEM Milk Dt/Hd $EN CW Marb RE Fat U Grp/Pgny C Grp/Pgny $W $F $G $B
EPD 16 -3.1 68 115 .19 .2 .63 25 10.7 16 28 0.0 -19.19 28 .69 .52 .051 121/341  /  75.42 78.57 40.05 113.65
Acc .82 .93 .90 .82 .30 .83 .82 .74 .25 .33 .33     .53 .46 .48 .47            
0 straws at $40 / straw